Skincare Trends to Incorporate Into Your Routine







Trends in skincare and beauty do come and go - it’s to be expected as it comes from the technology that’s constantly evolving and innovating. What matters is how we will make such trends work into our skincare routine, should they align well with our skin goals and needs. And right here, we compiled some of the most notable trends in beauty that we think are worthy of following.
Skincare as priority
The COVID pandemic saw us adding face masks daily, which means minimizing makeup and prioritizing skincare instead. Indeed, daily use of face masks gave a risk to mask acne (or known as maskne) that thorough, nourishing skincare products are needed to combat the issues that our skin needs to handle and the prevalence of masked.
Prioritizing skincare also means the public pays more attention to the products they’re using and how they can address skin issues on top of daily rejuvenating of the skin. 
This also can mean the public is more open to adding more products into the routine, such as serums, face masks (the skincare kind), or even jade rollers, or perhaps focusing on products for intensive treatments that come close to the ones available at the spa. After all, the pandemic not only initially forces us to stay in lockdown, nowadays, many safety measures are taken that any pampering routine will be done if it’s only necessary.
Embracing age gracefully
With the growing awareness of the public, we see the shifting mindset of beauty that covers the superficial and young age and includes older ones and intelligence. Aging gracefully has never been more relevant, and as long as we make an effort to take care of our skin as best as we can, it’s enough.
Skinimalism trend
The latest trend saw a movement to shift into minimalism in skincare instead of the 10-step Korean skincare routine a year ago. When taking out excess products, use relatively concentrated essential products for results and opt for multitasking products as much as possible to streamline the skincare regimen while getting the job done and giving the results that your skin needs. 
Nourishing products
With the pandemic, this also means the people are choosing gentler (yet practical) skincare products instead of harsh products that can be abrasive to the skin. While this notion applies well to dry and sensitive skin types, other types also agree with this approach to ensure that the skin is treated as gently as possible and makes the skin more potent and much more resilient.
Hydrating and moisturizing products with plenty of ingredients (and thanks to the technology, it’s still lightweight for the skin!) that will deeply nourish the skin, supplying benefits from active ingredients without being harsh and damaging to the skin, such as concentrated retinol, acids, and face scrubs. Elements to look for include; hyaluronic acid, ceramides, peptides, fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals.