Should You Use Night Cream?

Especially for dry skin or sensitive skin types, or perhaps you’re serious about nourishing your skin as a way to maintain its youthfulness, there’s one skincare product that you can add into your routine that can be a game-changer for your skin. And no, it’s not retinol (although it’s a good idea to add it as well), but a nourishing night cream for supple and plump-looking skin.

We know how important moisturizing your skin is that a moisturizer is pretty much a staple in a skincare routine. Fast forward to today, we have serums, ampoules, and essences to up the ante in moisturization. Now, a night cream is impacting the trend for anyone serious about the moisturization business.
Won’t a moisturizer be enough to get the job done? Possibly. But if we look through the ingredients and overall formulation, the product is not intended to make it work compared to what a night cream can do. Indeed, both products are created to nourish the skin, support the integral structure underneath the derms, and strengthen the skin to be more resilient against environmental assaults.
The difference is that a night cream is considered the superior version of a moisturizer, which’s best to reserve for a nighttime skincare routine.

Generally speaking, a night cream is intended to repair any damages during the day. For example, pollutant particles that have landed on the skin’s surface, or perhaps a cluster of free radicals from UV rays within the skin, neutralizing it and supporting its healing mechanism. The formula can be slightly more concentrated and packed with various active ingredients to ensure your skin gets all the benefits needed and focuses more on the repair that will assist your skin as your body undergoes thorough repair. At the same time, you sleep before the next day starts (that’s what Vitality Night Cream is created to do).
Hence, it’s safe to say that a night cream is relatively thicker than a regular moisturizer.

How to know for sure that a night cream is needed in your skincare routine?
For a start, everyone should get one, especially since nourishing your skin is essential to you. But if you think you need to add one more product to the routine, consider some signs as follows:

If you have a dry and sensitive skin type, you need a night cream as your skin needs any hydration and moisturization to ensure the integrity of the derms stays intact and healthy. As both skin types tend to have less sebum than what’s needed, adding a nourishing product can surely alleviate any skin issues common in these skin types, such as the uneasy feel after cleansing, flaky and dull-looking skin, as well as overall irritation and itchiness.

If you’re over your 30s, it’s high time to consider the product as well. As we age, it’s inevitable for the skin to supply hydration, new skin cells, and lipids at a slower rate than it used to be that your skin cannot catch up and counter the damages from the environment. Hence, a boost from a night cream is needed to restore, repair, and replenish what’s lost within your skin.